Winemaking Philosophy:

  • Compelling vineyard sites with wonderful heritage which produce impeccable wine that reflects their terroir
  • Our own rows and blocks within those sites
  • Excellent growers who get what we are trying to achieve and are willing to work with us
  • Ability to give direction to the growers and “co-farm” the sites
  • Make the wine in the vineyards not in the winery.
  • Considerable attention to detail
  • The judicious use of 100% French Oak
  • Start with Native fermentations, but finish fermentation with cultured yeast if necessary
  • Small batch winemaking
  • Each sites wines kept in separate barrels and each barrel rated and ranked as its own wine.
  • Careful and thoughtful selection of the best barrels to make the final blend and de-classifying certain barrels that are not at the quality and character we desire.



We felt compelled to make South African old vine Chenin Blanc to share with you. This has been our passion for many years. From the first second we selected the vineyards, we have anxiously awaited this moment. We hope you will join us on this epic journey and become part of collecting and tasting our wine.

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